Monday, May 25, 2009

my new pets :) love birds"

1.5 month still baby chick :) need hand feeding, but due to my working hours is stil consider "un stabil" now, most of the time will be my mum who became their "nanny" to take care of them by hand feeding them...:)

Monday, April 6, 2009


对音乐所知肤浅的我,常将陳綺貞与陳珊妮混淆, 看了台灣獨立女王陳綺貞在新加坡的演唱會后,深深的为她为了創作,平均2到3年才推出一張專輯的坚持而感动.

给正在为梦想而坚持活着的人们,加油 :)

Friday, February 27, 2009


”女人四十“ 后,已经好久不曾看过一套象这样有诚意的港片了,“老港正傳” 。一个时代变迁所带出的人与事。。。

“老港正傳“ 主题曲:星光伴我心-鄭中基 (好久没听到这样好听的广东歌了)


Thursday, January 29, 2009

come in exhibition : mad cow photo shoot (II)

come in exhibition : mad cow photo shoot!

me, samantha had great fun doing a photo shoot during my first day back to work after the lunar new year holidays! HAhaHAha.... :P

come in exhibition national museum of singapore

Interior Design as a Contemporary
Art Medium in Germany
Wed 21 Jan 09 – Sun 12 Apr 09
Exhibition Gallery 2 and Canyon, Basement
Free Admission

Come-in showcases an all-star group of artists working at the junction of fine art and applied design. They approach the design of furniture, ceramics, textiles, interior architecture, and publishing from a contemporary art perspective through a range of media - from drawings, installations and sculptures to models, photography, and videography.